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Atticus Financial. Your lease financing experts…

Atticus Financial Group provides leasing solutions to a wide variety of clients across Canada.

Our primary focus is leasing, and we offer equipment leasing and auto leasing services for all brands of new and used cars, trucks and business or industrial equipment.

We will arrange lease financing for a wide variety of equipment types from software and office equipment through to forklifts, heavy trucks, shop equipment, medical equipment, agriculture equipment, “green equipment” and most other business equipment, regardless of industry type or even time in business.

Atticus helps their clients get the best leasing plans available and provides objective advice on all aspects of auto leasing or equipment leasing.

Why Choose Us?

Click here to see the 10 good reasons why you should choose Atticus Financial over all of our competitors to arrange your next lease…

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Vendor Programs

Would you like to make it easier for customers to buy from you? Become part of our nationwide leasing network today…

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Our Services

Equipment Leasing

Is leasing equipment right for you? Why do people lease equipment for their business?

There are many reasons why leasing has become such a popular financing tool. Imagine if you needed a new piece of equipment that would make your business more profitable…

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Auto Sales & Leasing

Auto Leasing Simplified…

Leasing is simply another form of financing. Instead of paying for the total cost of the vehicle, you are paying for the depreciation and financing costs only. What’s left at the end is called the residual value but it’s really just a forecasted value

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Efficiency Financing

Atticus Financial Group has been a leader in providing financing options for environmental equipment acquisitions. From our work in the agriculture sector, we were introduced to biomass boiler systems for our greenhouse clients that were looking for ways to reduce their energy bills.

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  • Simplifying the leasing process... “Working with Ray at Atticus has been great. And, it is not just Ray – it’s the whole group. Regardless of who I deal with, they are all knowledgeable, customer friendly and very accessible when I need them. One of the things I love most is the wonderful job they do of simplifying the leasing process – everything is laid out step by step, they make it easy and straight forward. I would highly recommend Atticus to anyone looking for a lease.”

    Charlene Tisdelle – Pinnacle Environmental
  • “I was first introduced to the concept of leasing through my accountant as he thought it might be a good alternative to purchasing and something that I should look into. With this in mind I contacted Ray who I knew from a previous business situation. Ray was great to me – he assessed my situation, asked great questions and more importantly he listened. From there I met the rest of the team and confirmed that this was the company for me. They make it simple…they really take care of everything. I would describe Atticus and the team as knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and professional in every sense of the word. I have no problem recommending Atticus Financial Group.”

    Mike Day – Brushworks Advertising Inc. E-texon
  • It takes less than one hour and I get a better deal... “I have been working with Ray and Atticus for the past 10 years – they are awesome, I would not go anywhere else. Let me put it to you this way…on occasion I have had to deal directly with dealerships. With them, the process is painful. It takes an entire day with endless negotiations, time wasting, checking with the manager, and so on. With Atticus, it takes less than an hour and I get a better deal! If you are looking for a company who knows what they are doing, a company who will save you time, money and put you first - you have to see Atticus.”

    Larry Bloom – Medico Supplies Inc.
  • We continue to be impressed... “Atticus Financial has been our leasing partner for several years and we continue to be impressed with their competitive rates ,outstanding levels of customer service, integrity and professionalism. Together we have had great success by helping clients with lease programs that are designed with the client in mind. We have found Atticus Financial to be a solid funding partner for our company.”

    Doug Bock – Ecofab