Equipment Leasing

Is leasing equipment right for you? Why do people lease equipment for their business?

There are many reasons why leasing has become such a popular financing tool. Imagine if you needed a new piece of equipment that would make your business more profitable…

Keep your cash

Probably the number one reason businesses use leasing is that it allows you to keep your cash in the business, working for you instead of tied up in a depreciating asset. You can typically lease 100% of the amount, which means no big down payments either!

Imagine being less reliant on your bank

What if you could save your bank line for emergencies or opportunities? Bank lines are best used for current assets like accounts receivables or inventory. Leasing can effectively increase your borrowing power and this can allow you to grow faster. We can even establish pre-approved lines of leasing credit – get what you need when you want it.

Think easy

Leasing your equipment is simple to do. For an established business that wants to lease up to $25,000 worth of equipment, a simple one-page application form is all that’s usually needed. No huge process, no business plans and no waste of time. Even for larger leases, our requirements are much easier than a bank’s and we usually accept the leased equipment as collateral, not your house.

How about tax advantages?

In addition to paying sales tax on the payments instead of as a lump sum all up-front, leasing has potential income tax advantages as well. Most leases are tax deductible but check with your tax advisor for details on your specific situation.

Profit with time

How about paying for that money-making equipment as you profit from it? Revenue minus expense equals profit, right? With leasing, you can start profiting from that new equipment right away. It’s also easy to add accessories or to upgrade to better equipment as you grow.

Are you special?

What do you think about seasonal payments for a business with peak cash flows at certain times of the year? How about having no payments for a few months while you get up to speed with the new equipment? Leasing is a financing tool that can allow you amazing flexibility if you need it.

Can you see clearly now?

As you can tell if you’ve read this far, leasing has many advantages over paying cash or using your bank. If you’d like to find out if it will work for you, too, call us and speak to one of our leasing specialists.

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