Atticus Financial Group in Regina

For our clients in Regina or across Saskatchewan and the rest of Western Canada, Atticus Financial Group provides flexible, affordable leasing for all types of vehicles and equipment.

The province with its political center in Regina is renowned for growing wheat. But it is also a province that exploits rich deposits of oil and natural gas, potash and other mineral resources – and is home to a small but thriving manufacturing base. Farmers and companies throughout the province understand the value of leasing, rather than buying and owning their vehicles and equipment.

Whether our Saskatchewan clients are located in the potash mining areas of the south, the downtown business sector of Regina or the bountiful farmlands, we gladly help them satisfy their needs for economically leased vehicles and equipment.

If you are located in Regina or anywhere in Saskatchewan, and would like to know more about the many benefits and cost savings of leasing through Atticus – please feel welcome to contact us:


Toll-free:       1-800-331-7388

Toll-free fax:  1-866-377-2946

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