Auto Sales & Leasing

Auto Sales & Leasing

Auto Leasing Simplified…

Leasing is simply another form of financing. Instead of paying for the total cost of the vehicle, you are paying for the depreciation and financing costs only. What’s left at the end is called the residual value but it’s really just a forecasted value of what the vehicle will be worth at the end of the lease term.

Of course, there are many options with auto leasing and it’s important for us to know what your plans are so we can help you choose the lease that’s best for you. For example, some leases include mileage charges or up-front fees while others don’t. We’ll explain how the options work and what to watch out for. Leasing is not right for everyone and we will tell you if it does or does not fit your situation.
Why call Atticus for your new vehicle?

• You don’t have the time or patience to play the dealership “game”
• It’s important for you to objectively compare the various options
• You want to work with leasing experts
• You want to know if that 0% leasing is really a good deal (It is sometimes)
• You know that as a volume buyer, we get special pricing that you would not be able to
negotiate on your own
It’s simple, really.

You have nothing to lose because we can choose from the manufacturer’s leasing plans or from a variety of other plans – whichever is the best for you and since our fees are typically paid by the lessor (lender), it doesn’t cost you more to use our services.


Auto Sales

We lease lots of new cars and trucks, which become great used cars and trucks at the end of the lease. We keep the best of these and offer them for sale or lease though our fully licensed used car and truck dealership. All vehicles will go through an extensive inspection process to make sure they are in the best condition possible.

We will sell, lease or finance these vehicles and you will save a lot of money compared to buying a new car or truck. Many vehicles will still carry the remaining factory warranty and we also offer a wide range of extended warranty options to give you the peace of mind of driving a car with warranty, but without the high price tag of a new vehicle.

Atticus is a licensed dealer with the BC Vehicle Sales Authority and all vehicles are inspected prior to sale.

Call Atticus Financial Group today at 1.800.331.7388 or Email  us  


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