Construction Equipment Leasing

Is your construction business growing?

Would having bigger or newer equipment make your business better or more profitable? Whether you need financing for a new crane, loader, excavator, dozer or skid steer, Atticus Financial Group can help you finance the equipment you need to do the job faster.

Atticus has over a decade of experience in working with construction companies of all sizes. We know the industry and we know what it takes for you to be successful – hard work, good equipment and smart money management.


Lease financing allows you keep your cash in the bank, so you have it available to run your business.

You don’t get paid in advance, why should you pay for your equipment in advance? Let that equipment make you money as you pay to use it…

Save your cash or credit line. At Atticus, we specialize in fast, hassle-free, affordable leasing for businesses just like yours.

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