Efficiency Financing

Efficiency Financing

Atticus Financial Group has been a leader in providing financing options for environmental equipment acquisitions. From our work in the agriculture sector, we were introduced to biomass boiler systems for our greenhouse clients that were looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. By switching from natural gas to biomass, they were able to significantly reduce their operating costs, while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint.

From there, we began financing other energy reducing equipment for our greenhouse and other customers. In addition to providing the financing, we have also helped several clients access carbon credits to help reduce the cost of conversions, adding even more value to these transactions for our clients.

Leasing allows you to preserve your cash and credit lines, while still enjoying the benefits of the new equipment. For many projects, we are able to match the lease term to the equipment payback period, allowing for an instant return on investment for your business.

We are comfortable financing these new technologies and welcome you to get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your next project.

Whether it is a solar panel project, LED lighting retrofit, biomass boiler system, automated climate control system, air quality control system or any other equipment project that will help us maintain a greener world, we want to help.


Below, you will find several articles written by our in-house resident expert on agriculture and biomass projects, Reg Renner.

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Greenhouse World:

‘Financial Options for Growers’


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