Software Leasing

Software Leasing

Are you shocked at how expensive software licenses are? Did you know that you can finance software rather than paying a lump sum all up front?

Many leasing companies can’t do this or limit the amount of softs costs they will finance. At Atticus, we realize the importance of having the right software to make your business work smoothly – what’s the point in having the best IT equipment if you don’t have the right software to take advantage of that power? Atticus will finance a higher percentage of soft costs such as installation and software licensing and will even do a separate lease for your software requirements.

Transform your big software bill into a manageable monthly expense. Don’t be stuck with old software or not enough licenses. Call us today to find out how it works.

Save your cash or credit line. At Atticus, we specialize in fast, hassle-free, affordable leasing for businesses just like yours.

Call Atticus Financial Group today at 1.800.331.7388 or Email  us arrow 


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