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For our clients in Vancouver, and across British Columbia, Atticus Financial Group provides flexible, affordable leasing for all types of vehicles and equipment.

British Columbia is a rugged land of forestry, fishing, mining and intensive agriculture. In the Lower Mainland region around Vancouver, it also has a vibrant manufacturing industry specializing in high tech. And, the province is often considered Canada’s leader in developing and exporting green technologies.

Whether our British Columbia clients are located in Vancouver, the lumber and mining regions of the north and central regions, the rich farming regions of the south or the fishing and marine industries of the coast, they have diverse needs for all types of equipment and vehicles. They also understand the tax and other benefits of leasing, rather than buying and owning their vehicles and equipment.

If you are located in Vancouver or anywhere in British Columbia, and would like to know more about the many benefits and cost savings of leasing through Atticus – please feel welcome to contact us:


Toll-free:       1-800-331-7388

Toll-free fax:   1-866-377-2946

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